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Ports Issues. I have tried many possible solutions. Please read.


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I don't seem to be able to get my ports to forward correctly.

I have gone through the FAQ and portforward.com to try to fix things.

uTorrent still says a router or a firewall is blocking my port.

I have a linksys WRT45G

I have port 3500 triggered and forwarded and enabled.

I have uTorrent set to use this port

I have tried other ports.

My router has a built in firwall but there is NO firewall on my computer.

I can post screenshots if you need/want them.

Is it a NAT problem?

I can not use the command prompt to set up a static ip.

My client either shows yellow or yellow then it goes to red.

I had this working before... now it doesn't.

I love uTorrent. Please help?

I am running Windows XP SP2. NO Windows Firewall

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I can't figure out/find a good static IP guide. I'll keep looking. If anyone is willing to IM me on AIM or Skype or even MSN I would greatly appreciate having someone help me realtime.

I am on aim 24/7. My SN for all of them is deadetiquette. If you are willing to talk on something other than AIM please let me know so I can log-in.

Thank you so much.

My d/l speed is 6kbps! *tears*

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