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No Torrent will connect: no firewalls, no router, no isp block


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Hello I got a new computer I built myself for christmas. I have been trying to get torrents working for over a week now. I cannot get them to connect and I have tried everything.

I have UNINSTALLED every firewall/antivirus program I own (including windows) to try it. I am 100% sure my ISP doesnt block it as my internet works on my old computer, as well as a person across the street has bittorrent and has the exact same internet as me.

I don't want answers like:

Read this guide as I have read every guide about connection problems and setting them up that I could find and no help.

Don't tell me that you probably have a router becuase I DONT. Not even a modem/router. Even if I did torrent weorks if I unplug my Ethernet and put it into my old computer.

Yes I have disabled AND added Utorrent to the exception list.

Here is a screenshot of my Utorrent.


Do not tell me that those torrents are private because I have been using torrent for ever and I think I know what a private tracker looks like. Also if you want more proof you should know those series on torrent are never private. The DB series in anime.

One thing to note should be that at first Limewire would not work as well. I have no idea what I did and just randomly messed with things untill finally it started to connect.

I have posted at other forums like afterdawn and torrentbox but no one seems to be able to help. They just tell me to read a guide or that I probably have a router. If your going to tell me things such as this please just dont answer my question as it wont help me one bit. I have exhausted every possibility that I have been handed only to still not be able to download anything off a torrent.

Also I want to note that I cannot connect to bots on mIRC either for things. There is something blocking me and it's not a firewall I installed. I have no idea. Please help, I don't know what else to do. I cant live without torrent..

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