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Direct Connections Through Peers Without website.


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hey man you bro made a torrent with utorrent right ok

first you need to find a torrent site to post like mininova

with mininova you goto upload ,you see the site that it will post ya file like this



ok next you made the torrent with utorrent and add those http to ya traker

next ya upload torrent file to mininova ...next you download the torrent from mininova to your utorrent and it show started downloading....you will see a seed thats your bro. the leechers are the one downloading

hope for the best


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or you can just use the built in tracker that µtorrent has, i think there is info for it in the faq.

also, you can add him manually by right clicking in the peer list of the torrent and selecting 'add peer' then enter the ip to his computer with the port he is using. he needs to have the torrent loaded at his end too.


if the torrent is public for other people to use then use the trackers from the post above.

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