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plzz help me


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hi. I am a bit new in this port forwarding but I can see that that yellow mark on the bottom of the screen. And as I know that means that I dont have ports forwarded. Also when I want to test them it always fail and the speed its getting really slow now and I think its because of that.

My question is if anyone can help me with forwarding my ports or any other help will be very useful...

my modem is:

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

thank you...

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In other words, your Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC, Is just a network Interface card, not a modem. An NIC is not the same thing as like a dial up modem.

An NIC requires you have an external modem, such as a cable or DSL modem, or an ethernet port on the wall with internet access (Usually seen mostly at Businesses and university's.

So what's at the other end of the line opposite of your computer.

We need the brand or model number of the actual modem, and or router to be able to help. In my case, which might also be your problem is either your modem is permanently firewalled, or you need to set up port forwarding on your router (If you have one).

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