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Orange Livebox problems - limiting network connection?


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Hi there,

I'm using Windows XP (SP2), have recently acquired an Inventel Orange LiveBox 3D10 (model number DV4210-WU) - plus I use the Comodo Personal Firewall. At the moment I am using the LiveBox in 'wired-up' mode, as opposed to wireless. I only have one PC - so I'm not in any sort of LAN setup.

Ever since I got hooked up to Orange broadband last week, my uTorrent programme has never given me the 'green light' (except very briefly - once!). Instead, when I use SpeedGuide, etc, I always get the message - "Point 43562 does not appear to be open" (or "a firewall/router is limiting your network connection ...", or "stealth firewalled or overload bandwidth"). Sure, I can download OK using uTorrent (or so it seems), but people have problems connecting to me because I am 'behind a firewall'.

Obviously, I have checked out the FAQs at uTorrent, etc - followed the instructions/guides and so on, but the problem remains. I am pretty sure my Comodo Firewall is configured correct, so the culprit appears to be the LiveBox. Any ideas as to what is going on?



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