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Unable to map UpnP port - Help


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I hope someone can help me out with my port and connection problem. I am new and using utorrent.

Here are my few problems:

At the bottom of utorrent I have a red circle when hovered over it says not connectable a firewall or router is limiting my incoming traffic and I need to open a port so people to connect to me. Why is this? I have gave utorrent full access through my firewall. I am using Mcafee personal firewall plus. How do I configure utorrent to best settings with thses specifications:

My connection: adsl 512k

Software: Windows XP

Firewall: Mcafee personal firewall plus

What would be the best settings for me? I have been downloading and uploading/seeding but my average download speed is only between 6-10kb. How do I speed this up? I have read somewhere that you can open a port to speed things up but I have no idea in how to do that so some help would be greatly appreciated in how to do it. I can see in the log that I keep getting the error UpnP: Error 1 mapping port 21658 or unable to map UpnP port.

In one particular download there were 814 seeds and 26 peers but I was only downloading from 10 max seeds. why? Is it because they can't connect to me?

Some guidance help would be greatly appreciated.


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