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how do I upload?


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To share before you really grasp the concept of how BitTorrent works (you'll know how to make 'em once you do know), just seed torrents you already downloaded. That helps enough - really, it does! Just leave it running. If nobody's downloading (your upload is 0), you're providing a valuable service by keeping that torrent running. When someone DOES come along to download it, you'll be there to give it to 'em.

But the general idea is, in the same way as there was no single place to find torrents to download, there's no single "torrent bucket" to put your file into either. You have to register at sites, make a quality torrent, and send it to the site to be posted there. BitTorrent has no universal search engine like Napster did, and for good reason. It all works out for the better. :D

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