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Problems with speed !


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Hi all ive read and tried everything in the set up menu to no avail!

Im running windows xp sp2

windows firewall

pipex broadband

(download speed 291kb/s

upload speed 197kb/s) on the test

I used to run bitlord and got very good speeds of 200 plus,ive changed isps and got shot of bitlord and downloaded utorrent.I can only download at 2-10 kb/s.

Will this ahve anything to do with my new isp provider?

I have followed guidlines to the letter

I have the green tick in the status bar saying network ok

I have tried near enough everything,anyhelp would be very welcome and i would be gratefiul for anyones help thanks very much!

My port is open and accepting torrents

The test downloads that were in the set up guide did not start?????

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