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Well ppl.....if somebody can help me i would be very gratefull.... :D

From few days ago i have problem with torrents.Every time when i put torrent file on a list to download ...nothing is happening.... :cry:

I dont know what to do.I have try with various types of torrent files but it doesnt go.I put even files with few hundred seeders,but nothing is functions.Just standing there.Tracking cookie is good but nothing is dowloading.

Like now i m reading .....seeds 0(38) peers 0 (117) Trackes status working....Like my comp cannot connect on trackin coockie or i my comp doesnt allaw utorrent to connect on net.But i have wireless internet and Explorer is woring properly.I can surf on net normally.Just i cannot downloading with torrent anything.

Please help me somebody....... :cry:

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