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A question for all HTML, c++, hackers and programmers


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Hello basically i need to ask you a series of questions

Firstly I am 19 years old and an ex student so all the learning I do is by myself at home

Here goes

I want to learn how to produce website and I want to be a able to do basic/advanced programming, where should I start html, c++???? Or something else?

Also for programming do I require a huge knowledge of math same for website making.?

Can you recommend some books that are worth the read if I want to learn?

Is it too late to learn?

And finally what software do I need for all of this; I have dev c++ anything else?

sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I am in a rush

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Making a website and programming with C++ are (almost) entirely unrelated.

HTML isn't really a programming language as much as it is a markup language (hence the -ML in the abbreviation). You basically tell the application reading the HTML file (your browser) how to place the text, images, and such, and how to style them. For HTML, all you really need is a text editor (like Notepad) and you're set -- anything else is fluff (though it could make your life easier). Where might you learn HTML? Try w3schools.com, or just try googling html tutorial. Beware that you also need a webhost to host your HTML if you want to make an actual website.

As for C++... It can be a bit of a toughie for beginners to programming. I personally don't know any good books (because I've never picked a C++ book up), but there are tutorials online (though I doubt most of them are great). You can always try finding Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days (I've seen that all over the net as well). While it's geared more toward beginner programmers, be warned that it's terribly outdated, and you shouldn't fool yourself into thinking you can actually write useful, complicated/advanced C++ applications in just 21 days -- it will take years of real-world experience to master C++.

Is it too late? No.

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