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utorrent crashes my wireless network connection -help!


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I really hope someone can help me out with this problem coz it's driving me CRAZY!

Utorrent continually crashes my Wireless Network Connection after its been downloading for a while (can last 15mins up to a few hours at a time). I get the dialog "Unable to connect to wireless network" with the red X in the system tray icon, and my wi-fi dongle light flashes. Sometimes I can sucessfully repair the connection but most of the time the repair dialog hangs and cannot be closed, even Shutting Down hangs because it can't close the Wireless Network Connection dialog. In the end I have to hard boot my PC (ie press power button for 4 seconds) and restart it just to get my internet working again. On average this happens about 7-8 times a day which you can imagine is very infuriating!

I am using a cheap Sakar M04617 USB Wi-Fi B dongle from Ebuyer Extra Value, which you might think is the problem but it only crashes when using Utorrent... other P2P programs like Soulseek or Limewire don't crash it. I've tried lowering the number of connections in Utorrent settings but it doesn't seem to affect it.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on here? I'm going nuts!

many thanks


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