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uTorrent and Windows Vista

Trapper Dave

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When I search for torrents, using the search bar in the top-right hand corner, it does so in IE7, even though I want it to do so in Firefox. Now I'm pretty certain that I've set Firefox to the default browser, but I only got Vista Business through MSDN yesterday and it's a hellish sort of learning curve. How can I fix this?

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Previous issue, but now solved

Whenever I start up uTorrent, I get the dialog box " uTorrent is currently not setup as the default application for .torrent files. Do you want to make uTorrent the default application to start when opening a .torrent file?"

I click yes and eventually close uTorrent. When I reopen it, I get the same dialog box pop right back up again. It's really a pain in the neck; does anyone know how I can remedy this?

Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm using uTorrent 1.6.1 Beta. I've set it up by placing it in a folder in my Program Files, with a shortcut to it stuck on the desktop.

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