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portforward issue (not a noob)


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hello all, new to the forums an utorrent. Strict Bitcomet user trying to find out what all the hub-bub is all about.

Bitcomet's always worked for me, but my portforwarding is not working correctly (well atleast utorrent doesn't think so).

the utorrent/testport thing comes up as error when I'm fairly confident I know how to use a router's portforwarding features.

I even swallowed my pride and went to portforward.com to find that it's just like common sense thought it would be. (I have a Belkin Pre-N router btw).

If any of you could lend me some help and lemme know exactly why it keeps comming up as error when the port is being forwarded correctly.

I disabled my windows firewall as well and I don't have anything else blocking ports either. Any ideas?

Thank's in advance

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oh damn I haven't seen that site in YEARS lol forgotabout it heh.

yah it says I'm a fool too =D (port closed)

my router is a motorolla SB5100 Surfboard from Rogers here in Ontario Canada.

Hope that helps I'm trying a different port because even though I've been using this port all the time it's used by netmeeting (who the hell uses that anymore........ but just to make sure)

*used a much higher port....... still says closed for some reason

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holy jeebus rogers got me again.........

well not exactly. I read it all, checked the status page and all other pages for my router and ther were no ip addresses simply mac's. It's very likely I could be blocked and I wouldn't be surprised.

However the routers gateway is and MY IP is the real IP 72.x.x.x so by my account it 's not blocked....

But ofcourse I could be wrong.

any suggestions ? and if your going to suggest getting a new modem (which is a cop out since I don't think mines screwed =b~) atleast tell me which one you suggest is the best.

THank's again for all your help

btw yah I know rogers throttles the speeds =\ port 1720 and encryption ftw =D (decent speeds anyhow)

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Yah, I know the page says that it affects only users who have an internal LAN IP while being affected, but TBH, I've dealt with way too many SurfBoard users over the past year, and have never gotten any of them to successfully have their ports forwarded, regardless of whether they had an internal LAN IP or not while being affected. What does that indicate? That I hate Surfboards :P More importantly, it (IMO) indicates that there are issues with port forwarding for many Surfboard users.

Which modem should you switch to? I'm not sure, as I don't really look at modems =\

Edit: And um, have you checked whether you can disable SPI firewall in your Belkin (if applicable)?

Edit: Also, have you tried connecting your computer directly to the Surfboard to see if the port is still closed?

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I'm sure your right, rogers are seriously ghey for doing that and known to do it. So any suggestions as what to modem to get that would work "out of the box" with my rogers account?

I've always contemplated going to another isp but ........ they have a stronghold on the ontario market.. well GTA anyways.. no other ISP comes close to the speeds, and all others that apparantly offer more, I've read are just as bad generally and full promised speeds are never reached.

I seriously hate Rogers, and I see no way out of this rogers mess until Wimax or an equivalent is fully available here =\.

Yay Ontario

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update for you guys, trying out an ISP in my area called tekSavvy.com. The owner is constnatly on dslreports.com and basically answers your questions live lol he talked to me all day today (if thye get huge though I bet it changes and goes the rogers route..... no company ever stays humble) but the price is nice and I get 5MB down and I believe 1UP no cap, plus newsgroups binary + text access and all that. It's dsl btw.

worth checking out, seems like people ar really satisfied wiht it. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Thank's for all the help btw

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