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Which Firewall


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Ok, I've done a search but nothing came up obvious so I thought I'd ask.

I'm currently using ZoneAlarms -mainly to block program's access to the internet when I don't want it (not illegal stuff, more stuff that I don't want sending out information).

Now I've found that it conflicts with uTorrent in a big way (BSOD) so I'm looking for an alternative solution, could someone point me in the right direction please -I'm behind a router so I'm more concerned about the outgoing attempts than the incomming...

FWIW I've seen people recommend Jetico (http://www.jetico.com/index.htm#/jpfirewall.htm)

Also, I think the argument of "you don't need a firewall if you've got one on your router" is somewhat flawed as a lot of people have virus'/trojans on their PC which then opens access to their computer to the hacker, having a software firewall goes some way to reducing that risk (though as people have pointed out, ZA being one of the major software firewalls is also the most likely to have a work around built in).

Anyways, it's not so much a "lets dis ZA" -more a "I've got ZA so what should I replace it with" question :)



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