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need some help installing patch tcpip sys


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just woundering if some one can give me some help installing xp patch for utorrent.

been trying to install but am not shere what information to put inwhen i run patch.

i thout it just installs it self every time i try it aborts the patchiam realy a newbi when it comes to this stuff.so if some one can maybe walk me throw it .

i would realy appreciate it . thank you

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I have windows vista ultimate edition and the tcp patch doesn't work, I've tried it in safe mode as well and it won't work. The damn operating system won't allow me to change it. Grrrr Microsoft controls everything... does anyone know of a 4224 patch that works on Vista?

You guys do a great job and everyone sharing all their info helps us all download stuff at top notch speeds. I had 150-180 kbs before the installation of the new Vista Ultimate Edition.

Any help would be appreciated.

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