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File's missing from download location


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Hello, first time poster, extremely long time user.

I've been using uTorrent for the longest time and have never ad a problem, I guess the time's finally come.

First let me say that I have no firewall, router, or anything like that to trouble over, so we can get that out of the way.

The problem is that when I start a torrent, you know how it's supposed to have a little 'representative' file icon in the download location? uTorrent's not doing it anymore. Thus, nothing downloads.

I tried deleting all torrents and only trying one, but it still does not show up on my desktop(which is my download location). I try the "open containing" folder option and it gives me the old "path does not exist" error.

Now, I had a similar problem late last year, but it was easy and obvious to solve. My brother had specified a different download location for one of the files, I downloaded other after him, not noticing the changed DL. The directory was deleted, and none of the files would download, so I simply changed the DL to desktop again and it was working.

Any ideas? I've looked through every past problem similar to this on the forums and haven't really found anyone to have it the same way as I.

I have it set-up properly, I can't think of a thing. None of the files have unusual filenames or anything... this is wierd. Would 'refreshing' uTorrent do it? I mean, if anyone's had luck by completely deleting all traces (reg. stuff) I could do that if someone laid out what I'd need to delete specifically.

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