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uTorrent error showing no incoming connections

Ricky J

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Hi Guys

I apologise for probably starting another topic on the same subject.

i starting using utorrent last week on monday and since then i have had only one successful night of the program working properly since then the yellow triangle has been constanly on. (no incoming connections)

a few things have worked only through peers not seeds

im a complete newbie to torrent sharing

ive read other topics on the same problem currently i am wireless on a hotel network.

the connection is fine as i am using the internet radio to ensure connections constantly and the firewall excepts utorrent.however, the number of seeds and peers is constantly on zero and trackers show as either inactive, working (with no seeds or peers) or offline (from time out). the port ive tried chaging and the restarting and its just starting to annoy me now.

dht status shows as inactove after 6hours being on.

it seems so user friendly at first now it is just a nightmare! help!

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It could be the hotel service, blocking out your torrents.

Or, it could be bad torrents with no seeds or bad trackers.

When you get home, try it there.

Look at the incompatible software list in the FAQ and see if you're running any of those programs. If so, disable them, and see what happens.

I've been using the BitTorrent system for quite a while, but it's always worked for me, so I know some fixes by looking around this forum and by the few problems I've encountered, but I'm not an expert. Those are just the few more obvious reasons why I think it's not working for you, there might be some other issues that I wouldn't know about.

The most likely issue is that the hotel is blocking something, or it would seem more likely to me. Maybe look at the rules of their internet usage.

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