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Router bricking problem


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Hello, Im using WiFi connection with my own router Edimax 6524K firmware 1.44 (latest official) Im getting this resumed connection problem, when I start downloading the speed is not as it used to be.. like 50% of former speed, and the whole network is collapsing, ping to the gateway server are like 400, firewall is reporting multiple packets that are flowing to my PC from the old established connections... Ive been trying to fix it for a long time, but now Im compleetly out of idea, Ive turned the router on and off, multiple restarting, I cant edit the deadline for TCP,UDP conn cuz the router does not allow that... Can you possibly help me? Im not pretty much familiar with telnet scrips...

Thank you very much...


Well Ive searched for this prob at the forums, also for Edimax routers here, no luck...

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