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Desperate HELP!!!!


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Okay I am new to the whole Torrent Downloading so please go easy on me....

Anyways my friend and I have been trying to figure this out. We can't get a port open to work with Utorrent.

He said at his parents house all he did was check the upnp box and that was it. But we have been throught countless tutorials, helps and guides and still nothing. I stayed up till 3 am last night trying to figure it out but nothing so far. Anyways, here is what I have and any help will be very, VERY appreciated.

I have Belking wireless router model = F5D7230-4, A bellsouth issued WESTELL, Windows xp and the windows firewall turned off.

I still get a red light on utorrent.

Whats wrong?

Please help!


If it helps any, I get a upnp error -3 message in the logger.

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