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Please Help! Terrible Speed


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Hey everyone,

I've been browsing through the forums in hopes to find anything that can raise my download speed to anything over the 3kbps i'm receiving. I've forwarded the port correctly with my router and set my max amount of half-open connections up to 75.

-The color of the network status light is green and the port is open correctly!

- The speed guide shows that my upload limit is 15 kb/s with 4 max upload slots and 90 connections per torrent. Global connections is 250, max active torrent is 3 and max active download is 2.

-I'm running Windows XP SP2 with trend micro anti-virus but no firewall

- The router i'm running is a D-Link DI-624 and my ISP is Rogers and i'm running a cable modem.

- My max download rate is 100 kbs and again i only see MAX 3 kbs but usually about 0.7 kbs.

I know it is a problem with my home network since when I try using a different network (i.e. the one at school) it works with decent (not gerat) speed.

I'm running the latest version of uTorrent (1.6)

If you need any more info please let me know...

My current bandwidth reading is: 2.94 Mbps which means I should be able to download at 376.91 KB/sec


Thanks a lot

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Is there any way of fixing uTorrent so Rogeres doens't mess it up?

IF NOT, chances of it returning back to normal sometime soon?

AS WELL, a new problem I occured is while leaving uTorrent on for a few hours, my internet stops working and gives me limited or no connectivity. Any ideas how to fix this problem or is it all related?

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