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Windows Vista Problem Solved!


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Yes, finally the thing you've been waiting for, solving windows vista.

After reading forums i found tons of info. which helped me.

First thing, turn off windows firewall, which you should already have off cuz that's a no-brainer.

Second, download the torrent and put it in a new folder that u make on the desktop, u could just call it torrents.

Third, right clik that folder after putting torrents in it, and clik properties, then click advanced... and then uncheck the box that says indexing, hit apply, and apply it to folders and subfolders if it asks you.

Fourth, go into that folder with the torrent already in it and highlight it and right click it, then click properties, then u should see Unblock, Advanced..., or both, if you see both click Unblock then click Advanced... and again uncheck box that says index this file...

(Fifth) go to start menu then computer then folders which is located at the bottom left hand side corner of that window and then click desktop and then click/highlight your computer's name (mine is iceman so i would go to start menu then computer then desktop then iceman) then double click App Data on the right hand side of this window (note this is a hidden folder so make sure ur folder options are set to view hidden folders and files) then double click Roaming on right hand side and find uTorrent folder on right hand side (note: ONLY if you don't see uTorrent folder here simply go to ur C: then program files then uTorrent folder and make a new blank txt file and name it settings.dat) and double clik that and highlight any one of the one files and hold ctrl button push A or simply select them all and copy them and go to ur C: then program files then uTorrent folder and paste them there.

Once you have done that go back to ur uTorrent folder that was in the App Data/Roaming section (if you had one) and right click the uTorrent folder and right click it and click advanced... and again uncheck box that says index this folder... and do this again with the uTorrent folder found in your C:/program files/

Once you have done both of those go to both those folders' properties again and this time there should be a tab at the top that says security, click that tab, and find the usernames in the window below it and then find the edit button below that and click the edit button and make sure your administrative username (mine is Iceman) is highlighted (there maybe be more than one, like i had 2 Iceman things, so highlight them both and do the same) and make sure that the boxes full control, write, read, execute, etc. are checked under Allow (basically all should be allowed!) and hit apply (don't forget do this with BOTH folders)

Make sure uTorrent is not running and start it up and add torrent files (note: idk but u prolly don't wanna double clik the torrent and then it automatically starts up the program cuz the torrent would be running and also be in use w/ folder viewing) from the program itself and make sure it's saved in C:\program files\uTorrent\ (basically save the torrent u download in uTorrent folder that is in the program files section, other folders may work but my documents didn't work for me, just said access denied when torrent started)

That should be it (if all else fails go to the torrents right clik then click properties then clik on security tabs on those and make sure all is checked under allow there too)

PLEASE REPLY if this helped u at all cuz it took me about 20minutes to type and i prolly explained it wrong! lemme know if u need help about the ERROR: Access Denied error in uTorrent...hope it helped...i'm out for now...i'll check bak lata to see if it worked or if u need me. oh and sorry i stopped numbering the steps after Five LOL

EDIT: One more VERY IMPORTANT thing that I just found out is go to the c: then program files then utorrent folder and find utorrent the program (utorrent.exe), right click it and make sure run as administrator is checked! Otherwise you will get error Access Denied for all your torrents.

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i haven't searched the forums.. just been thinking about getting Vista and searching to see if the programs I use the most are compatible.

but can't you just right-click utorrent and "Run as Administrator" ? or is the issue that the .torrent files aren't associating properly with utorrent in Vista?

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yes sir, you just nailed the pin on the head! they aren't associated with it plus it uses the torrents in vista as indexed searching which means uTorrent won't let you use torrent while it's in use by Vista plus they aren't associated so basically you have to do the steps i posted most likely

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Hi, i currently am running vista, i just want to confirm what exactly the issue is with vista? I herd that some people cant even run Utorrent, for me its running however the problem that i am having is the availability light is always blue or red. Also i noticed the downloading fluctuates dramatically going up to 60kb then down to 10 then back up. And my uploading is terrible 10kb or less :S

Im currently trying your method to fix the vista problem, i just wanna make sure that this is for the problems i am having. Im currently trying to go thru these steps but i have got stuck at step #5 where you say click on desktop then go to the computer name (my computer?) Then the appps data on the right hand side. I dont know how to take hidden files off lol, i hope you can help me.. Thanks

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what dan posted has nothing to do with speeds (and from what I've read, using Vista doesn't have any effect on the speeds of utorrent).

what he posted is how to get Vista to recognize .torrent files and associate it with utorrent.

as for your question, i'm not sure how it is on Vista (might be the same), but when you click on My Computer, click Tools > Folder Options > View and check Show Hidden Files and Folders

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