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new to torrents in general, what are my optimal setttings?


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Hi I'm totally new to the downloading of torrents, and I'm not sure what my optimal settings are because I'm just beginning to understand this whole thing.

I run windows XP with a DSL line, no router, windows firewall (i have exceptions set for uTorrent and uPnP).

I'm not sure what else you would need to know about my system because like I said I'm new to this whole thing. My download speed seems to hover between 10 and 26 kbs/sec, which seems slow to me... but again I'm new.

I'm not behind a router.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Also if you need more info let me know :)

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The most recommended basic setting is to cap your upload to 80% of your max. Take a look at this link for other settings, they were made for Azureus but apply to uTorrent directly.


Search the forums for some good discussion on this subject, it has been debated extensively. It's really about removing possible speed brakes rather then accelarating uTorrent.

As for expectations, don't think you will max out your download on every torrent. Even if you do get everything right on your end some torrents are just slower than others.

As a final suggestion do some Googling on bittorrent+FAQ.

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