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Can't find info about the "#" column.


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I've searched the web but can't find any information about the "#" column that appears next to the "Name" column. When I am downloading several torrents, they are numbered sequentually in this column. However, when I am seeding there is no number, which is fine, but SOME torrents have an "*" asterisk in this column.

Can someone please explain what the asterisk means?


virgil, out!

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# displays the torrent job's place in the download queue. When a torrent job stops or finishes, the next lowest numbered torrent job that is queued for download will start automatically. Torrent jobs that have not reached the seeding goal will have a * (asterisk) instead of an integer. Torrent jobs that have reached the seeding goal will have a blank in this column. Forced torrent jobs do not follow the queue order, although they will be assigned queue numbers like regular torrent jobs. Note that if you want the arrow buttons to move the torrent jobs up and down in the list visually, you must sort the torrent jobs list by this column.

Other questions regarding the interface are most likely already answered in the user manual as well, so if you have any, be sure to check it first (second link in my signature).

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