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Error: cannot access file


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Well this problem started occurring some days ago and i still can't find out what to do about it.

A window appears right before uTorrent launches:

"The file c:\Docks and setts\Name\App data\uTrrent\settings.dat was damaged or missing. It has been recoverd."

That window appears 2 times.

well, after that the application launches and gains speed (no speed problems here..)

And another window appears:

Unable to save the resume file. Some data may be lost.

Another program might have the file open, or the disk is full. Please correct this and click retry.

If you press Cancle, the resume file will not be saved.

I *click* on retry an nothying happens.

After some seconds a

"bubble" appears down in the tray stating "Error: the process cannot access the file because is is being used by another program"

1. My disk isn't full

2. After a day or two's searching after some other program that's using the file, I didn't find anything.

3. I have installed (removing all the reg files too) and reinstalled

4. installed Bittornado, no problems

5. BUT i really want to use this one

Point out the problem..

Hopefully som fast answers

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