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RSS filters and renaming


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I've had a read and couldn't find an obvious way of doing this so before I posted in the request forums I though I'd ask here in case I've missed something.

When I download a torrent manually I usually specify a new file name for the downloaded file getting rid of all the extra junk like resolution and encoding that can make for very long file names.

I've just discovered the joys of RSS feeds and kicking off downloads automatically but I've discovered that you don't appear to have any control about the name that's given to your download. You can specify a directory but not the file name. I would like to be able to give a name based on the matched filter string and the series and episode number. Is there currently any way this can be done that I haven't found?

I know I could rename the file after the download has finished but a) that moves away from automation again and B) if I rename the file it will interrupt the seeding.

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