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Strange problems with ports and Utorrent


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I have a belkin 7230-4 and a Dlink-502T

both are routers but the 502T is being used as a modem instead of a router because a wireless network is required in my multi-user enviroment.

the ports were forwarded correctly it think ( i followed the instructions on port-forward.com) and tested it not working, then I load up emule and test it then suprisingly it said that ports were forwarded correctly and i was a HighID on emule.

Then I fired up uTorrent and tested it and no luck.

ps. I had to open ports on both my router and modem. and im using the standard GNUtella ports and port 80 both work when emule is running.

wtf is going on?

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... I'm trying to confirm where you forwarded the port to from your modem. If you forwarded from your modem to your computer's IP address, that's a big nono -- check the advanced port forwarding guide in second link in my signature for a description of what the problem is :o

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