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Port forward (auto) problem after changing modem


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I`ve read FAQ twice but never seem to find any answer to my problem.

I was having no problem before when using D-link DI-604 hub/router with my Aztech DSL 305E modem. Alas, my modem is now "dead". Therefore, I bought a Prolink H9200 as as replacement. My previous configuration was no longer work!

Now, my modem is the router and D-link is a hub! Because of this (I think) I can`t get my port forwarded automatically (looking from red status light) like before though I can still download/upload; probably due to only one comp is connected now. Also, when check using speed guide, it says, the port does not appear to be open.

I don`t know how to configure them to be like before. Anyone can help me since I don`t want to set the static IP. I set once before and my Internet connection is gone!

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