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Get back deleted data of seeding torrent


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I have a great problem:

With utorrent I created a torrent for upload in a torrents website, but by mistake when I was updating the tracker address I deleted the torrent + data.

I used a lot of recovery files software but none of them works! the file for seeding was located in a subfolder like C:/Documents and Settings/Iskra/My Documents/Videos/Videos for Seeding and now I only have C:/Documents and Settings/Iskra/My Documents/Videos. The recovery files softwares can't locate the deleted folder as deleted and I don't know exactly how utorrent deleted it (I mean if utorrent don't send it to recycle bin, where the "deleted data" goes? is a fact that files don't erase immediately from the hard disk).

Please, if someone can help me with this or at least recommend me a good recovery files software which works with utorrent deleted data I would be very grateful. For me is a very hard work rip videos and the original cd where I ripped it don't work anymore... so much thanks in advance.

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