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DHT and private trackers


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okay, well...i'm a member of demonoid...and well...my ratio sucks.

i've seeded through my nose yet my download seems to go up and upload data stays the same.

a number of things i can think that are causing this are the following:




i doubt it's pg2 since...i can download just fine and the tray icon doesn't always blink. it could be hideip since it changes the proxy (right?) and...that won't allow demonoid to track me (is that how they track?). and, lastly, it could be my dht. don't know what the hell it is, but...on the demonoid faq, it reads that i should disable it.

sooo...any help and info would be awesome! (i don't want to get kicked out) =(

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DHT doesn't affect tracker ratios unless the tracker has a lot of time and resources to waste checking whether you're using DHT or not. Proxy might make you look firewalled, but since your download statistics is increasing, but not upload, I can only assume it's a problem with the tracker. I'm not 100% sure, though, but that's the conclusion I'd draw (and Demonoid has been known to have problems with tracking user ratios in the past anyhow).

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