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please please help!


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i am using windows xp. i have a sagem modem, my isp is tiscali who put me on a downloading restriction between 6-11pm.my connection is 2mb. i use norton internet security 2006 and i have the firewall settings as allow . this is the other info on my computer.

compac presario

intel ®

celeron r cpu 3.06ghz

3.07 ghz 448.mb ram

it used to work fine but now i have loads of problems. the status light is either on green downloading at around 10kb and uploading at 0.5kb but they are all hashfails on every torrent i try so i never get anywhere.

or the status light is on red with arrow pointing downwards saying unable to unup and unable to connect to tracker. then when starts downloading it again is full of hashfails. can i port forward without a router?

i even tried another client azuerus and bitcomet which let me download at 40kb at first but because it wont upload back they eventually crawl at around 1-10kb.

i also tried the tcpip patch but it also makes no difference. please does anyone have any other sugestions for me to try. thankyou.

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