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BTinternet Homehub problem


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After somehow accidently fixing 1.6.1's problems with no inbound connections I thought everything was going great and was achieving dl speeds of more than 600kbps last night with a green light. My new problem is after starting utorrent my whole internet virtually grinds to a halt. If I run a speed test I get on average 6Mbps up and 0.4Mbps down after starting utorrent and running another speed test it drops to 0.2Mbps up and 0.2Mbps down and if I shut down utorrent and run yet another speed test I continue to get the same 0.2/0.2. The only way to recover my full connection is to restart the homehub after which my connection is fine again until I restart utorrent, restarting my PC does not cure the problem.

Has anyone got any ideas why utorrent should effect my whole connection like this? My port is forwarded correctly and all exceptions made in the firewall but I can't fathom out why the trouble with the router. I never had any problems with 1.6 so any input would be greatly appreciated.

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