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Port Checker says the port is open, but utorrent still has yellow icon


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Allthough the port seems to work, µTorrent says "no incoming connections"

I am using µTorrent 1.6.1 and Windows XP Professional. The problem is that the icon on the bottom won't turn green. I already have set up the port in my router, and the µTorrent Port Checker also clearly says, the port works (am I supposed to write the port down here?)

I have tried it with several random ports, opened each in my router, and each time the port checker claims, they work fine. I also tried, whether it might work by de/activating UPnP or encryption, but nothing happened.

So, why does µTorrent not accept my port, when the port checker says, it's open?

By the way, the log says the follwing:

EROR 403 mapping port *** -> ***:***

I'm glad about every help!

(if I actually was supposed to post the ports, I apologize)

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