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Avail. question


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On torrents that I already have downloaded and finished, the "avail." tab shows them as 1.000.

My status says that uTorrent is seeding, but the program will not upload. In the "peers" column there are peers available, but none are connected to me. An example of my "peers" column would look like this: 0(4)

The light at the bottom of the program is green and also when downloading from a free torrent search engine everything works fine and the speeds are up to the caps that are put on the d/l and u/l. Even with some trackers.

It is just this one tracker's torrents that are giving me problems. It is making me think that there is something wrong with the connection between my program and the community that is supplying me with the torrents.

Any help would be appreciated.

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0(4) peers means: 4 peers are known by the tracker (in swarm), but 0 are online at the moment, so 0 peers needs data from you.

As your avail. is 1.00 (only 1 seeder with 100% of data, that's you only) nobody else needs this torrent atm.

Everything is OK on your side, it's just this torrent ...

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