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Vista 64 & WebUI Utorrent


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Greetings, i've been experiencing some "issues" to get the WebUI up & running under my vista X64 system.

I have reinstalled utorrent with the new build linked at the start of the webui page.

then, i downloaded the webui file, copied the .zip file to %appdata%/utorrent (which, is where i fear my problems start)

Under Vista it's kinda using Directory redirection (at least on the 64 version)

the result is that i've been unable to get the webUI to even remotely display.

It keeps popping up as undisplayable/unavailable.

While at the XP-pc it works great, so i'm fairly sure i'm not messing up anything.

Tested with both the localhost ip:port/gui/

with the added ?line as described in the manual.

Have disabled firewall/Antivir/bitdefender fully

no luck...

IF anyone else here is using V64, and is having issues, or maybe even found a way to fix them i'd greatly appreciate the possible help.

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I had the same thing using the same install of utorrent on XP and Vista in dual-boot...

until I checked the settings directory, which didn't have the webui.zip file in it :o

In Vista, your %appdata%\utorrent will be somewhere under:


If you go to the start menu and click "Run", just type %appdata%\uTorrent and it will take you the the proper directory (my problem was that I had settings in two different places, which may be your case as well)

Hope it helps!

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I use Vista Ultimate x64 and I had no problems setting the web ui up.

I have no idea what you mean by "Directory Dedirection". %appdata% is an environment variable. If you go to a command prompt you can type

echo %appdata%

just as easily as you can type

echo %number_of_processors%

echo %username%

echo %programfiles%

echo %time%

echo %windir%

echo %systemroot%

for example

C:\>echo %appdata%


C:\>cd %appdata%

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming>cd uTorrent

these environment variables allow software to safely put files in the correct locations on different versions of windows, for example the application data directory on XP was in

\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\

which was long and had nasty spaces in it, under vista it is


which is much shorter and nicer, without the awful spaces that break a few things.

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