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How to get the best seeding (upload) speeds


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utorrent has always downloaded lightning fast for me, it really is the best client around!

But i've needed to seed more than download lately and my seeding speeds are not quite to awesome... I'm on a 512/128 connection and upload speed fluctuates constantly between 2-8 kb/sec... this is when seeding only 1 popular torrent (many peers in the swarm) and not downloading on any torrents... on other clients I used to use it basically used to max out (a constant 12 kb/sec)...

Are there any utorrent-specific settings I can change to get a better upload speed? I've got my upstream bandwidth throttled to 80% of max so it's not that... and atm the only utorrent tweaking i've done is set "lowcpu" to false in advanced settings...

If anyone has any tips or ideas that'd be ace. Thanks for the awesome client as well! :)

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For me, I set the peer.lazy_bitfield setting to "true" and that did the trick because I read somewhere in the forums that some providers stops seeding activity, so that setting might work around it.

Also make sure whatever port # you are using that it is opened

try this link to test it http://btfaq.com/natcheck.pl

That's it from me, I'm sure someone else with more technical knowledge will give better help.

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