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Maximum Speed?


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I run a speedtest at speedtest.net with a server close to my location and the download speed turned out to be 782 kbps while the upload speed was 104 kbps. Armed with this vital information, I tried a number of guides on how to get the most out of my connection but most of them seemed to cripple my download speed. So please, don't redirect me to any guide because chances are I've read it. :/ What would be a good average speed I should get on any torrent with a decent ratio? And how could I possibly improve my current download rate? Maximum I've ever seen is 80 kB/s for torrents with great ratios. I usually get around 25 kB/s though.

Max. Upload right now is set to 7 kB/s and max. download is set to unlimited.

Thanks for reading. :)

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104 kbps / 8 = 13 kB/s

13 * 0.8 = 10.4 > round to 10 kB/s for upload

782 / 8 *0.8 = 78.2 round to 78 kB/s for download

Why 0.8? to have 20% of your bandwith for surfing and the overhead (both up- and download).

When you run a testtorrent (setup guide has them), you should get your max. download speed (78 kB/s) if you network icon is green.

If you run your selected torrents and don't get max. speeds, than that's the torrents (seeder and peers) ...

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