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Strange peaks when downloading from BitComet users


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I'm getting some strange transfer rates when downloading from BitComet seeds, it's most noticeable when there is only one seed and no other peers, it looks like this:


(This is when downloading from one BitComet 0.60 seed, and there is exactly 1 minute between the peaks)

The same thing happens in Azureus (although with 2 minutes between peaks), but not with BitComet 0.60 or Mainline 4.0.4. When using one of those the speed is constantly maxed out.

I also had a friend start seeding a torrent, first in bitcomet and then in utorrent, and it only happened when using BitComet as the uploader. It was the same way when we tried the other way around, with me seeding in bitcomet.

I just wanted to hear if anyone else get the same thing?

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