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uTorrent Experience by a newb.


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Hello all, I just joined this forum in order to tell what just happened. I am a former user of ABC torrent, but after I bought a new laptop 2 weeks ago, I switched to uTorrent because it seemed to download much faster. During these 2 weeks of uTorrent use, I was very pleased in general until now. I was downloading a 12 Gig. file, but I accidentally removed it from the torrent. "No big deal, the file is still there" that is what I thought. So I went to the original site where I got the initial torrent file, but when I did this all my downloaded files (about 5.5 gigs. which took a week to download) disappeared! Normally if i do the same thing with ABCTorrent, the formerly downloaded files is not deleted and it merely resumes the downloading process. If something similar happens next time, what can I do in order to resume my downloading a removed torrent file?

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