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uTorrent and Vista - uPNP not working!


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Ever since upgrading to Vista, I haven't be able to get the uPNP port to map.

Does anyone know a workaround? ...use to work fine in XP.

Using version 1.6.1 btw.

The latest Beta also fails.

I ran the Microsoft's Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool , and UPNP was supported fine.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi again Damolee,

FYI Azureus seems to work fine.

Of course, its not my favourite, but at least

lets you do some 'work' with Vista until the uT thing gets sorted out.

BTW, in my router there's an event logging facility that registers the UPNP requests.

None seems to get through from UT to the router.

The odd thing is that this only happens under vista.

I've been using uT under XP for quite a while now,

without this really nasty nuisance.

IMHO it simply has todo with the uT's UPNP implementation.

I'm afraid we'll have to wait ...


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