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uTorrent and Vista - uPNP not working!


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I have found a work-around that works for me.

1 - Install Azureus (I know it sounds weird and inconvenient - but we are still in a debug phase ...).

2 - Start up Azureus and close it (minimizes to System Tray).

3 - Now start uTorrent (I'm testing with version 1.6.1).

4 - Get ready: uTorrent's "UPNP port mapping" works fine (!!!!!!) automagically.

I've tested it downloading a torrent and the good-old speeds are back.


Now the proof:

5 - Exit Azureus and uTorrent.

6 - Start uTorrent and the 'Unable to map UPnp Port' log message is back !.

To the developers: Does this shed some light ? Is there any explanation ?

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