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Lovely DL-speed BUT NO UL-speed


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First of allv i would like to say, i love utorrent, before i used ABC and Azuereus, but utorrent is like 100 times faster! it's amazing!


My download speed is really great, but the upload doesn't seem to work at all, it's really strange. do i need to open a specific port in my wireless router? when i test if the port is forwarded properly it says "OK! Port 33333 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections."

Incoming? but don't i have to forward a port for outgoing connections?

i have chosed the right upload speed, but it automatically choses 17kb/s as maximum upload rate in preferece->connection. and i don't want that, i wanna use my full upload potential!

I've checked the box "automatacally add utorrent to windows firewall exception list"I'm running Vista Home Premium 32bit edition. My down connection is around 1168kb/s and my up is around 190kb/s according to the speed test in ctrl+g.

please help me upload, otherwise there's no point in using torrents if noone is uploading!



right now i have 4 100% downloaded torrents in utorrent, they have 58,113,37 respectively 11 seeds and 0,4,5 respectively 1 peers. And the four of them are inactive!! how come?

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190kbit/s translates to approximately 23KiB/s max upload (or 19KiB/s when taking overhead into account), so µTorrent is setting the upload rate properly. You're getting slow upload rates probably because the torrent has many more seeds than it has peers.

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