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Setting up utorrent to send files


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My father, who is blind, sends non-copyrighted audiobooks to other blind people all over the world. (What an excellent legitimate use for torrents!) I would like to get him set up so that he can use bittorrent to distribute his books.

I have followed the instructions at the following link:


They consist of:

1. Go to Preferences/Advanced and set bt.enable_tracker to *true.

2. Then create the torrent by selecting the file, creating the tracker torrent properties, including http://theIP:thePort/announce. Making sure the port is the same as listed in the utorrnet preferences.

3. Then clicking on Start Seeding and Create and Save as...

I am able to create the torrnet and send the torrent file from his computer to my computer. However when I open the torrent, nothing happens. The torrent is listed as seeding on his utorrent and my torrent file shows on my utorrent, but they never find each other.

Can anyone give me some advice on what I am doing wrong? I prefer not to use a public tracker because that adds the extra steps of logging in, which will make it difficult for the vision impaired people who will use it.

I very much appreciate any assistance.

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My assumption would be your father's computer is behind a firewall that is blocking the incoming traffic to the tracker. Chances are there is a router in the way; check it's settings and set up a virtual server to the port you defined for the tracker.

If there isn't a router or firewall enabled, then I'm out of my element.

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