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Multiple Instances of uTorrent at startup


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Hi,I have uTorrent running the BOSS Key feature and only have one uTorrent installed on my computer and the only shortcut for it has the "/HIDE" command in its shortcut path.

It was working fine for almost half a year now but a couple of months ago I noticed two uTorrents were starting up. I opened up msconfig to disable the second uTorrent that was set to startup (which didn't have the "/HIDE" command in it). But hen I restarted the computer, two uTorrents were still starting up, only now there are three instances in msconfig which all lead to uTorrent (the one I disabled, a new one that doesn't have the "/HIDE" command either, and the third one which is the original and has the "/HIDE" parameter).

This would have not been a problem if only uTorrent actually started in BOSS Key mode, but it doesn't and starts up normally and having the error message telling me that uTorrent is already running.

Thanks in advance


I have already read the FAQ, searched the Forums, and reinstalled uTorrent but it still keeps doing the same thing.

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The problem is back again =(.

Yesterday, I restarted my computer four times just to see if it has been completely fixed and it seemed that it was. But today, when I turned on my computer, the same problem is back and would like to know if you have any other ideas on how to fix it? (I also noticed in autostarts that the name of utorrent varies starting with a normal u and this µ if that has anything to do with the problem)


Thanks again

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