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Plz Someone Help Me. Speed Is killing me


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I have done the common Procedures. set up and stuff

did the dsl.com report thing. and set my speed accoridng to that.

the network status light is green

port checker says its open

Speed guide says

Upload limit-22kb/s


maximun active torrents-2

upload slots-3


max active downloads-2

Operating System- Windows Vista

Security software- Norton Antivirus 2006

Router model-F5D7231-4P

ISP-ATT High speed

DSL- Conection speed- download-1200, upload- 310

I get around 0kb/s to 40 kb/s

thats often not always


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When i install Beta do i have to uninstall my old version.?

So far its not going past 35 kB/s

And they go up and down

sometimes they stay up for a while

then down again, then up

its unstable

And its says on the logger tab next to speed

[20:44:47] Unable to map UPnP Port.

[20:44:47] Unable to map NAT-PMP Port.

What should i do?

What do you think is the mimum amount of seeds and peers you should have to get good speeds?

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