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speed question


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Hello, new here!

I've been running u_torrent for a long time and 'till now, hadn't experienced any problems.

I have a modem and I have a 3mb/384kbps connection. Lately my downloadspeed isn't what im used to, so I decided to contact you guys, which you know a lot about speeds and tweaks. I just ran the patch for port connections and switched it to 100, and 50* in u_torrent. But my speeds dont go up from 7.0 the most 20 kbps. And theres a lot of peers and seeds so that ain't the problem. Also I noticed that on the bottom where it used to be green, there's a red balloon saying something about "Not connectable, a firewall or a router..." I don't have a router, I have a dsl connection with a Westell modem, and windows firewall disabled. I'm runnin the firewall from bitdefender internet security, plus Zone Alarm Pro. So I don't know... I checked both firewalls, but utorrent is allowed!. I dont know if it's the firewalls or what, but Zone Alarm has this thing which is constantly blocking ports so I dont know if they belong to utorrent or seeds/peers or if they are really threats...

Any help would really be appreciated....

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