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Shared problem - uTorrent, Vista, XBOX360 & Media Center..I'm Stumped!


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Hi All,

I've done tons of researching, but I just cannot seem to find a solution to my exact problem. The problem is that I like to use Windows Media Center in Windows Vista to stream content to my xbox 360. As soon as you set the xbox up as an extender and begin streaming content from the PC, Vista automatically changes a setting in your windows services called SSDP Discovery to "Started" which is required for this to take place.

The uTorrent problem comes into play because with this setting enabled, you are no longer connectable in uTorrent. The only way to become connectable is to Stop/disable the SSDP service in windows. This of course kills the connection to the xbox and you have to go back into setting up an extender all over again.

This problem is very frustrating as I like to use both uTorrent and the xbox for a media center a lot. I had hoped that the latest Beta 1.7 uTorrent would clean this issue up, but no it does not.

Has anyone run into this issue that can help out? :)


May 9th - update - Still no luck...perhaps I am the only one with such a problem? :)

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