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Where did my speed run off to?


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Hey guys,

I just got uTorrent today and was having a good time. I had nice, fast downloads with a speed of 150kbps+.

Well, after I downloaded a few things, I kept it on to keep it seeding, but then had to turn the computer off because I was leaving to go out.

I just got back, booted up, found something I wanted to download and BAM, I have a slow speed. A ridiculously speed of 2-4kbps. To make things worse, as of right now its 0kbps. lol

I'll admit that I didn't do any configurations in the beginning simply because of the fact I've never had to with any clients. All was working fine so I honestly don't know why its acting up.

Would anyone happen to know whats going on or have any suggestions?

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Hmm...well its running fast this morning so I guess everything is fine.

Another question. I want to make a static IP but lets say I mess something up in the process and no longer can get on the web, how would I fix that?

I tried the port forwarding but I have the new fiber optic U-Verse thing by AT&T and that port-forward site doesn't have its router listed (3800HGV-B).

When I was following the instructions to set an IP the last stop says to copy the numbers on the Internet Protocol properties incase you mess up and need to set it back. Well, on my screen it has no numbers to begin with. So If I had the new info, I won't know how to set it back if I mess up...any suggestions?

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Ok..I don't know what to do and its getting frustrating. My speeds fluctuate but always have a steady slow period of 0-5kps.

I've turned off all my firewalls/antivirus/spyware applications. I set up a working static IP. Did everything on the speed set up and teaking...

And I still can't get any incoming connections which I think is the problem for my slow speeds. I never connect to any seeders, NEVER.

whats wrong?

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No, my router isn't listed so I don't know how to do it. I've tried to google to see if anyone else has done it but can't find anything. Do you think if I called AT&T they would be able to tell me how?

They are using the router 3800HGV-B which is a 2wire router. Not sure if you would know anything tips on that.


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Ok...got my port forwarded! Finally a green symbol on utorrent and im finally connected to other peers!

BUT WAIT...my speed is still junk. 1-10kbs

What I've done:

Made exception in Windows Firewall

Made exception in Norton Firewall

Set port on utorrent

Unchecked UPnP

Port forwarded

Static IP

Download patch that overrides Window's connection limitation

What else can I do?


Never mind, I guess it took awhile to take affect, but its definitely working now :)

Thanks for the help and patience Ultima.


Another thing I wanted to ask, on average, what speed should I be around with a download rate of 2900+kbps

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