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Sporadic Shutdown of ZoneAlarm Security Suite


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Good day all.

I've been using the program for awhile now. I just started having this problem about 10 days ago.

I actually believe it's not u torrent, but my stupid ZoneAlarm Suite. Of course I have searched this site. I have found other problems with ZoneAlarm but not my specific problem. I first went to the ZA Forums, the one person said he felt I had some Malware problems. I am currently speaking to the HijackThis Forums Gurus.

Again, though It's my gut feeling that it isn't malware. I think it's some new stupid conflict with ZA. Here is the problem.

I get 2 boxes. The second one shows up right after I click close on the first one.

First Box says.

The Instruction at "0x7c901010" Referenced memory at "0x01c0eac4" The memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate.

The second box says.

The Instruction at "0x7c9010f3" Referenced Memory at "0x01c0eab8" The Memory could not be "read" Click ok to terminate.

Then I click the second one close. and ZoneAlarm shuts down. I then usually reboot my computer because it's easier.

Of course any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would graciously ask for a little latitude if I did not follow the proper protocol for posting as I am still basically a n00b and learning as I go. However, again I must stress this problem only started 10 days ago. The only other thing I should say, is I flashed my BIOS I think around the same time. Pending a new CPU install next weekend.

My computer.

Dell Dimension 4300

P4 1.6Ghz 400FSB



Audigy 2

Three hard drives. on 300GB, 250GB, and in an external case my original "C" drive erased and formatted 40GB(currently there is no data on the 40 GB)

I know you are all busy. So I thank you very much in advance. I also look forward to the education, because it's only going to make me better too.



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