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Exetel user - speed issues


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My ISP is on the blacklist so I'm going to go ahead and assume that this is why my download is rather slow (0-4 KBps).

the network status light is green

port checker says its open

using version 1.6.1.

speed guide:

Upload limit-9kb/s


maximun active torrents-2

upload slots-3


max active downloads-2

Operating System- Windows XP

Security software- Trend Micro PC-cillin (with both the port and uTorrent excepted, as with Windows firewall)

Router model-D-Link DSL302G

DSL- Conection speed- download-256Kbps, upload- 95Kbps

I have scanned the forum and tried the following:

Disabled DHT but enabled Peer Exchange

Limited number of connections to 20 (should I make this lower?)

checked that peer.lazy_bitfield is true

adjusted peer.disconnect_inactive interval to 30 from 300

Disabled Resolve IPs in the peers window

Enabled encryption on the speed guide

Adjusted the NAT rule in my modem config to specifically allow TCP

What else should I try to improve my speed or should I give up now because my ISP is mean?

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