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Help with upload speed.


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Ok I'm trying to figure out why my upload speed is so slow.

I took a bandwith test on speakeasy and here it is:


it says I can get 346.9 KB/s upload speed.

On utorrent I can only get a max of like 40-45 kB/s (if i'm lucky) on my upload speed.

Here's a screen of what i normally get on upload


Here's a rare instance where my upload speed surged to 156 kB/s which is still almost half of the 350.



My ISP, Comcast, says I can get about 350 KB/s which is right where the Speakeasy test is, but my uploading speed on utorrent is horrendous. Download speed is fine, and iv'e alreayd done all the port triggering,port forwarding etc. I have a brand new router and cable modem as well.

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Sigh, that didn't make a difference.

It just went back to the 40-45 kB/s range.

I noticed it also does this for Youtube and AIM transfers.

It's like my internet connection totals everything in my network to 40 kB/s.

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Yea. If I tried to upload a video to youtube and get on torrents at same time, my upload speed would be around 45 kB/s total for youtube and torrents combined.

I noticed that starting yesterday and today, when I start up utorrent, for like the first 5 minutes the upload speed will surge to the 150's and stay there, then slowly shrink back to 45 kB/s

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If you are saying that you can upload to YouTube at say 200KBytes/s with torrents off but when you turn them on your upload speeds drops to 40KByte/s its probly your ISP throttling. You should check they aren't up to no good...on second thoughts surely they would throttle down speeds as well, which doesn't seem to be happening...

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No No No.

What i'm saying is, all of my total upload speed from torrents,youtube,whatever all adds up to 40-45 kB/s.

That means...

If I did torrents only it only goes up to 40-45 kB/s (until I used another program that required upload speed then it would split the 40 to 20-20).

If I did youtube soley, it would only go max to 40 kB/s.

If I did youtube and torrents, since I only can do 40 kB/s uploading total, it'd alllocate 20 kB/s to youtube uploading, and other 20 to utorrent.

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This may seem a stupid question, but you are actually paying for an 80MBit/s connection aren't you? Because in the US and the UK that type of connection costs a fortune and is for business. It just occurred to me that that the speed test is wrong and you have a conventional 8 Mbit connection, in which case those speeds are normal.

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Well my ISP advertises this:

for $42.95 Up to 8Mbps download speed (maximum upload speed of 768Kbps)

I've done speed tests on other sites and htey're all about teh same resultwise.

Ok speedtest.net gave me this:


wugnet says:

My download speed is 8.08 Mbps

My upload speed is 544 Kbps


I just did anotehr speak easy test and thsi time it says:

Download Speed: 19555 kbps (2444.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 2738 kbps (342.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

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Well its like i said, the original speed test is wrong! (the one you give above is correct, don't confuse Bits with Bytes) You have an 8Mbit connection and its highly improbable that your line can handle anything faster without someone laying fibre optic cable to your door (very expensive). So there is nothing wrong with your upload speed. That is perfectly normal and the type of speed i get on my 8MBit connection.

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